Email Alias FAQ

Email aliases is one of SliceOne Email's unique features that helps you eliminate email spam while also improve your privacy online. Rather than giving out to every site, you can generate a unique address for each.

Why does this help?

Rather than relying on spam filters which tend to be imperfect, email aliases allow you to minimize spam by only giving a different address to each company that you do business with. With email aliases, you no longer have to worry about important emails from these companies accidentally landing in your spam folder.

Furthermore if the company is ever the victim of a data breach, you also don't have to worry about your email address being sold on the black market. You can simply delete the old alias and create a new one without affecting any of your other accounts.

How do I use email aliases?

You can create addresses using our web interface though the easiest way would be to use it with our password manager. This way you can manage your credentials in the same place as your email aliases.

Can I still use my address?

Yes, your address will continue to work alongside your email aliases. Furthermore, you can enable the spam filter for individual addresses depending on where it's used and whether it's likely to receive spam messages.